Time estimator of OTF observations for 45m on the Web Ver 2.0170721

The meaning of each parameter is explained at Time Estimator for On-The-Fly Observations.

  1. Receiver SingleFOREST
  2. Polarization SingleDouble
  3. Frequency (GHz)
  4. Maximum Elevation of the Target (deg)
  5. Length of mapping area along the scans (arcsec)
  6. Length of mapping area perpendicular to the scans (arcsec)
  7. Time for One scan (sec)
  8. Number of ONs per OFF
  9. Separation between the scans (arcsec)
  10. Map grid (arcsec)
  11. OFF-point separation (arcmin)
  12. Tsys (K)
  13. Resolution
    Frequency resolution (kHz)
    Velocity resolution (km/s)
  14. Convolution function

* Messages :