Last Update: 17th November, 2015

Files Tab

NOTE: Do NOT change anything under the "Debug" box unless you really know what you are doing. The operation is not warranted if you change them.

Entering Information

Files Tab is for making an Observe Table which defines the detailed observation procedures by specifing Source, Scan and Device Tables. This file name will be directly used for an operation of the 45-m telescope.

The "Choose" button allows you to choose a pre-saved configuration file. The file name will appear in the relevant box. The "Load" button will then allow you to load your configuration. Finally, the "Save" button allows you to save your setup into a text-based configuration file. Once you save all of the files, your file names should be displayed inside the project info box located at the bottom left corner of the obstable GUI.

After configurating the three tables, you should press the "Generate & Send" button. With this operation, the Obstable Z automatically generates an observing script for the 45-m telescope using Source, Scan and Device Tables you specified.

Naming Rules for an Observe File

COSMOS, the control system of the 45-m telescope, puts some limitations on the file name. Following items are the limitations for the file name: