Last Update: 1st August 2017

Remote Observation

Observers who are granted observing time on the Nobeyama 45-m telescope are expected to operate the telescope by themselves. New or inexperienced users need to visit the Nobeyama Radio Observatory to perform their observations with help from the staff. Experienced users are allowed to observe remotely, from NAOJ Mitaka Campus, from your home institute in Japan, or Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA) in Taiwan (Please include at least one experienced user in your team). If you plan to observe remotely, please indicate observing sites in the submission form. Observing both from Nobeyama and from remote sites during one observation program is allowed.

Remote Observation from NAOJ Mitaka Campus

Remote observation from NAOJ Mitaka Campus is open for experienced users of the Nobeyama 45-m telescope. Computers are prepared for the 45-m remote observations at ALMA building, NAOJ Mitaka. You are welcome to visit NAOJ and use them for your observations. If you go to Mitaka for remote observations, please contact via the Helpdesk at least 10 days before your observations.

Observation Plan Sheet

When you plan to visit NAOJ Mitaka Campus, please fill in the following "Observation Plan Sheet" -- includes an application for a security card for NAOJ, accommodations, and financial support.

  • Observation Plan Sheet (in English)
  • Observation Plan Sheet (in Japanese)
  • Accommodation:
    Please indicate "Reservation of lodging (Mikata Cosmos-kaikan. No meal service)" in the form if you need to reserve a room at Cosmos-kaikan (Cosmos Lodge [N1 in fig. 1]). If you reserve a room at Cosmos-kaikan, please check in/out at Cosmos-kaikan counter of Soumu-ka (General Affairs Division) in the Main Building (C3 in fig. 1). In case of an arrival time at NAOJ outside the working time, please inform via the Helpdesk previously. You are able to get the room key and the security card at the Guard House (C1 in fig. 1) on your arrival.

    Security Card:
    If you visit NAOJ but do not stay at Cosmos-kaikan, please indicate "other" in the form to receive a security card. A security card can be received/returned at Soumu-kakari of Shisetsu-ka (General Affairs Section of Facilities Division) in 1F Main building (South) (C4 in fig. 1).

    Access to the Remote Operation Room in Mitaka Campus

    A way to NAOJ Mitaka Campus is illustrated in Access page. Remote observation is performed from 101 ALMA open-use room at ALMA Building (W2 in fig. 1).

    NOTE: You need to press the combination of digits to enter the 101 ALMA open-use room. Please contact the Helpdesk for further information.

    Fig. 1: NAOJ Mitaka Campus Map
    [Fig. 1: NAOJ Mitaka Campus Map]

    A Manual for Remote Observation from NAOJ Mitaka Campus

    A user manual for remote observation (written in Japanese)

    Remote Observation from Your Home Institute in Japan or ASIAA in Taiwan

    From 2016-2017 observing season, NRO offers a remote observation from your home institute with a shared-risk mode. NRO also allows experienced users to perform remote observation from Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA) in Taiwan from 2017-2018 observing season. When your proposal is approved, please contact the Helpdesk. NRO may not meet all the demands of remote observations from home institute given limited test time. Limitations of the remote observation are as follows: