Last Update: 17th November 2015

Source Tab

Souce Table

Enter your Source table name. Usually the name of your target source. The file will be saved at your working directory. For example, your account ID, project name, and source name are "newobs", "proj1" and "OrionKL", respectively, your file is saved at


As other tables, file name is put some restrictions. For Source Table,

Source Properties

Source Coordinate

SiO Maser List

Pointing accuracy of the 45-m telescope should be checked every 1-1.5 hours. This can be done with the observation of SiO maser most of which are emitted from late-type stars (variable stars). Obstable Z provides a list of available SiO(J = 1-0) maser sources at 43 GHz, which can be used for pointing. If all SiO maser sources which are near your target are weak, you may try to observe continuum source for pointing. Pointing observation with continuum source can be explained in here.