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General inquiries concerning astronomy and astronomical phenomena

To ask general questions on space and astronomical phenomena, please use
The Format provided by the NAOJ

Inquiries concerning the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Nobeyama

Please contact the following Inquiries if you have questions and requests about NAOJ Nobeyama.


Address : 462-2 Nobeyama, Minamimaki, Minamisaku, Nagano, 384-1305, JAPAN
Phone : +81-267-98-4300
E-mail:nro-nroweb @ nao.ac.jp

For those who wish to request a pamphlet of NAOJ Nobeyama

Please send a request to the address shown above by mail. (Please enclose a self-addressed envelope). However, please note that we are not able to provide more than 20 copies at a time.

Inquiries concerning image use

Please read " Terms of Use of the Website of NAOJ " first before you use the images and contents provided on the homepage of NAOJ Nobeyama.
The term of use for logo of NAOJ Nobeyama is different from the policy. Please contact to the address above by e-mail, if you want to use the logo.