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Development of a New Multi-Beam Array Receiver

Dr.Nakajima (Reserch fellow of NRO) and collaborators have developed a waveguide-type dual-polarization sideband-separating (2SB) multi-beam array receiver system of the 100-GHz band for the 45-m radio telescope. This receiver is composed of four ortho-mode transducer and eight 2SB mixers, which are both based on the waveguide technique. As a result, the sensitivity is higher and the frequency band is wider than the previous receiver system. Moreover, the number of beams of the receiver are 4 (=2x2) and it is suitable for the survey of extended region. The new receiver system was installed in the 45-m telescope, and they have successfully detected from the signal from a celestial object on May 19, 2011. It is the first astronomical observations with dual-pol. 2SB multi-beam array receiver in the world. This project is collaborated between NRO and Osaka Prefecture University.

Fig.1: New receiver and project members
Fig.2: 4-beam spectra of carbon-monoxide toward IRC+10216