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The Number of Visitors of NAOJ Nobeyama Reached

3 Million !

On October 17, the total number of visitors of NAOJ Nobeyama reached 3 million. Since the opening of the Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO) in 1982, open to the public for exhibition of the facilities is held for 31 years. It was unusual for research institutions at that time.
The 3 millionth visitor was Mr. and Mrs. Yamaguchi lived in Shizuoka Prefecture. It was a brief stop in the course of a Shinshu trip. It was also second time visiting the NRO for them.
A small ceremony was held at that time. After fanfare of trumpets by staffs, the NRO manager presented the written recognition and several souvenirs, which were a book signed by the former manager, Dr. Ishiguro, a bookmark made by the technique applied to SIS radio receivers, and the NRO original goods. At last, the manager guided the visitors to the facilities.
They were greatly delighted and said, “ It is extremely happy. Our trip will be very fine.”

Snapshot with Mr. and Mrs. Yamaguchi, the 3 millionth visitor of NAOJ Nobeyama. It was very fine day.
The variation and total of number of visitors for 31 years (FY 1982-2012). At the last of FY 2012, 51320 were remained to the 3 million in total.