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Organic Molecule (Methyl Formate) in the Second Torsionally Excited State Identified in the Orion Nebula
(A subsequent report of that released in March 22, 2007)

Rotational transitions of methyl formate (HCOOCH3) in the second torsionally excited state of the methyl internal rotation were detected in Orion Kleinmann–Low (KL). About 20 unidentified lines from Orion KL were assigned to this state. This detection further indicates that many more unidentified lines in Orion KL will be due to low-lying excited states of methyl formate and other organic molecules. This is a collaborative work of University of Toyama and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.
(Published article, Takano et al. 2012 PASJ, 64, 89; Related report released in March 22, 2007.)

Figure: The Orion Nebula and methyl formate (The torsional motion is schematically shown.)