NRO Guide For Visitors

The general affairs

1 Before visiting

(1) If you get proposal No. and decide the schedule to visit to NRO,
    please send us an Observing Plan Sheet by on line.


@ If your need support of Domestic Travel Expense, please apply filling in the Observation Plan Sheet.

A As our general rule, payment of domestic travel expense will be made maximum for 2 people in your group including P.I..

B The Domestic Travel Expense covers; round trip between airport in Japan and NRO, Accommodation and Meals, and its amount is fixed by the travel expense rules of NAOJ.

C If you stay at NRO dormitory, please pay the charge once. Then, all your domestic travel expense will be reimbursed by cash before you leave.

(2) The main building and Administration office are locked by electric key during 20:00-07:00 and off days.

45m telescope operation building is locked by electric key for 24 hours.

    Therefore, we inform how to open the entrance to P.I. of your group.

2 Check In

(1) Reception office is open during 9:00-11:30, 13:00-16:30.

(2) Please fill up the accommodation sheet (NRO dormitory-application form) and pay the charge. And then you can get the room key.

We accept only cash for any payment at NRO.

(3) If you arrive on weekend or holiday or closed time, please confirm your room No. on the white board in the administration office,
    and get your room key on the counter. In this case, please come again to the administration office on business time as soon as possible
    for check in.

(4) We can accept the additional and cancel of meals until 10 o'clock of the day.

(5) The dining is closed during on Saturday to breakfast on Monday. We prepare bread, jam, butter, coffee, milk, and eggs for breakfast.
     You can have them by youselves. Please order them until Friday or 10 o'clock of the day before holiday.

(6) NRO cafeteria has provided the Saturdays' meal service from 2008, however, from April,2017,
this service will be substituted to Delivery box meal. For detail, please see here. _Click here for the details_.

(7) The charge for payment shall not be refunded. (When we can cancel the meals, we can refund you the charge for the meals.)

(8) If you have applied the support of Domestic Travel Expense, please come to the administration office for the procedure on its business time during your stay.

3 During Stay

(1) Open hours of the dining



Bread, Milk, etc



Lunch box



Lunch box

    Please ask your Japanese collaborator to call at ext No. 4309 (kitchen), when you have lunch out of the lunch-time.
    Please confirm your name in the order sheet and check at the "sign" column, when you eat.
    You can drink water, tea, etc by yourselves.
(2) The room is cleaned up and made up a bed once in 5 days. (We will notice you the cleaning schedule, when you check in.)

(3) Laundry room is located in the main building. You can use the wash machine and dry machine.

(4) Single, twin and family rooms have bathrooms. You can use them. Dormitories does not have bath rooms. Please use a public bath anytime.

(5) When you go out, you can use bicycles written "NRO". Please return them to the same place.

(6) For emergency, please show by the plate of room's door whether you are in or not.

(7) Please distinguish garbage in compliance with the manual.

Request to visitors for Open Use:

At Nobeyama Radio Observatory, We receive very weak radio signals emitted by various
phenomenon from the Universe. To avoid the harmful interference. We request the
followings to all visitors. Sorry for your inconvenience, and many thanks for your
understanding and corperation.

@ Please TURN OFF your mobilephone within 200m area around the radio telescope(from
theNo.27 station of the former Nobeyama Interferometer. There is a sign) Mobile
phone keep emitting radio wave while they are turned on although you don't use them.

A Please DO NOT use radio applications such as wireless LAN, Mobile Phone, Bluetooth,
Wireless mouse or keyboard, in the site.
Wired mouse rental (for free) is available.
If you need one, please ask at the adminstration office.

* These requests are based on the recommendation ITU-R RA.769,
the protection of Radio Astronomy service, of International Telecommunication Union.

4 About Telephone

(1) The telephones of dormitories are not possible for an outside line, only arrival line. (only getting call)

(2) When you need the international phone call, please use the telephone in the laboratory.    

5 Check Out

(1) Please put the room key on the counter in the administration.

(2) If you foget to return the room key, please send e-mail to nro-syomu @ .

6 The Charge For Rooms And Meals

    (1)Room Charge


October to June

July to September



a day


a day


13,200 yen

@@ 460 yen
@@ (440 yen)

@ 11,700 yen

@@ 400 yen
@@ (390 yen)


@ 35,700 yen

@ 1,230 yen
@ (1,190 yen)

@ 31,500 yen

@ 1,080 yen
@@(1,050 yen)


@ 48,900 yen

@ 1,680 yen
@@ (1,630 yen)

@ 42,300 yen

@ 1,470 yen
@@ (1,410 yen)

    *When you stay for more than one month, the charge of () is applied.

    (2)The Charge Of Meals   


220 yen

Lunch(Delivery box meal)

510 yen

Dinner(Delivery box meal)

510 yen


410 yen
(per every 5days)

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