My Cameras

Leica IIf (#787..., made in 1955) and nickel Elmar 50mm, F3.5 (made in 1930-1932)

Total solar eclipse taken with this camera and lens in El Calafate, Argentina in 2010

Nikon F (#686, purchased as a used camera in 1999), F2 (purchased as a new camera in 1975), F3 (purchased as a new camera in 2000 just before discontinuation, #1995001)

New Nikkor 35 mm F2, New Nikkor 135mm F2.8, Ai Nikkor 20mm F2.8S, Nikkor-Q 200mm F4

Ai Nikkor ED 300mm F4.5S IF

Comet Hale-Bopp, taken by Ken'ichi Tatematsu at Nobeyama Radio Observatory on 1997 March 7

Nikon F2, Nikkor 135mm F2.8, aperture F4, guided by using Takahashi 65mm refractor (‚‹´65mm‹üÜÔ“¹‹VPŒ^)

My camera accessories

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