Integration Time Estimator for Position Switching Method Ver. 2.180203

The meaning of each parameter is explained at Time Estimator for Position Switching Observations.

  1. Receiver Single2-Beam(FOREST Beam1 and Beam3)
  2. Polarization (Default:Double)SingleDouble
  3. Tsys (K) @EL=70deg. (*)
  4. Trms (Ta*) (K) required
  5. Total number of different ON points (>1 for mapping; =1 for using 2-Beam)
  6. Integ. time of one scan (sec) (typically 20 sec, or shorter)
  7. Number of ONs per OFF (2-Beam: blank)
  8. Maximum Elevation of the Target(deg)
  9. Frequency (GHz)
  10. Resolution
    Frequency resolution (kHz)
    Velocity resolution (km/s)

(*) Recommendation: 150 K (FOREST 110GHz), 300K (FOREST 115GHz), 250 K (T70 72GHz), 150 K (T70 86GHz)
* Messages :