Time estimator of OTF observations for 45m on the Web Ver 2.180203

The meaning of each parameter is explained at Time Estimator for On-The-Fly Observations.

  1. Receiver SingleFOREST
  2. Polarization (Default:Double)SingleDouble
  3. Frequency (GHz)
  4. Maximum Elevation of the Target (deg)
  5. Length of mapping area along the scans (arcsec) (*)
  6. Length of mapping area perpendicular to the scans (arcsec) (*)
  7. Time for One scan (sec) (Recommended=20 sec, allowed=10-30 sec)
  8. Number of ONs per OFF
  9. Separation between the scans (arcsec)
  10. Map grid (arcsec)
  11. OFF-point separation (arcmin)
  12. Tsys (K) @EL=70 deg.(**)
  13. Resolution
    Frequency resolution (kHz)
    Velocity resolution (km/s)
  14. Convolution function

* Messages :