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Nobeyama 45-m Radio Telescope Web Page

Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO), a branch of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), operates the Nobeyama 45-m Radio Telescope.

Call for charged telescope time

Semester Period Deadline Note
2024 A 2024/10/1 - 10/31 2024/6/1
15:00 JST (6:00 UT)
Application Requirements for hands-on tutorials
Application Requirements for CSV by the approved Nobeyama development program teams (info will be e-mailed to PIs)
2024 B 2024/11/1 - 2025/3/31 in prep.
(will be opened on 2024/7/1)
in prep.
2024 C 2025/2/1 - 3/31 in prep.
(will be opened on 2024/11/1)
in prep.

Other calls

Name Deadline Note
Development Proposal 2024 Spring 2024/5/15
17:00 JST (8:00 UT)
Application Requirements
Development Proposal 2024 Summer in prep.
(will be opened on 2024/7/5)
Application Requirements
Development Proposal 2024 Winter in prep.
(will be opened on 2024/11/19)
Application Requirements

News from the Observatory

Known bugs


The observatory provides help with your question or request such as preparing a proposal, preparation of observing scripts, data reduction, etc.
Please contact us via Helpdesk.

Telescope Time Information

Charged telescope time

Detaile of the charged telescope time system can be checked from the page.


Preparing for Observations


Data Reduction

Useful Tools

Manuals for Useful Tools (Tools need an Observational Account):

Data Archive/Acknowledgements

Data Archive



Misc. Information

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