Last Update: 1st November 2018

NRO Privacy Policy

Purposes, handling, and management of collected personal information

We will collect your personal information listed in (2) in order to prepare, execute and manage our call for proposals and events (including seminars and workshops). The collected personal information is used for the purposes of that service only. Also, we will properly and safely manage the personal information and use it in reasonable ways. We will delete the information after it has served its purpose and the required storage period expires.

Personal data we collect

How we collect your data

We may use an online application service to collect your data. Regarding your registration fee payment, we may use an online payment service.

How we share your data

In principle, the personal information collected for call for proposals and events will not be disclosed or provided to third parties except for the following cases.

For any inquiries regarding your personal information, please contact the following:

the Helpdesk