Information about Proposals for Development for Nobeyama 45-m Telescope

Ken'ichi Tatematsu
Director, Nobeyama Radio Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

We determine not to place a call for new proposals, taking the situation of Nobeyama Radio Observatory into account:

Programs which were "accepted" or "accepted with limited opportunities" can be continued ([Reference] Accepted Development Proposals in FY2017). However, the observatory support should be minimized in the current situation, and the observatory clearly sets its priority on the open use operation and dedicated operation. Taking into account the plan for the open use, the acceptance review should take place in 2021 June, and this constrains the possible term of extension of the approved development.

The team of the previously accepted program is requested to submit the status report to (replace _atmark_ with @) with the e-mail subject "NRO development program: status" by Jun 15 (17:00 JST) every year.