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Last Update: 6th December 2017

Mirror Operations

In order to guide the radio wave to the receiver you are going to use, it is needed to change the direction of mirrors inside the 45-m telescope. The mirrors can be operated from the observing building by pushing a button at the COSMOS monitor.

mirror GUI

As you can see in the red box, Mirror Control window is shown at the COSMOS monitor.

GUI close-up
This window has seven buttons:

  1. Check where am I
  2. Forest
  3. H22
  4. H40
  5. T70
  6. Z45
  7. H22+H40

'Check where am I' button tells you which receiver is currently ready. The observatory recommends to check the mirror diretion after you take over the priority.

Other buttons can change the mirror directions to the corresponding receivers. If you push the button, it takes about a minute to change the mirror directions. Please wait for the movement of the mirrors. When the movement is done, you can see a message on the terminal:

===> '<Name of Receiver>' SELECTED.

Then, you can start next observation (You do not need to close the terminal).

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