Let's start NewStar

29 Oct. 2013 : This page contains old information.
See the page http://vc01x1.nro.nao.ac.jp/~nrocomp/wiki/info01/index.php.

1. Starting up NewStar
  1. Login to a workstation (via PC-X in a Windows personal computer) with your observational ID.

  2. Type newstar & in a console window.

  3. Select a printer as below.

    Workspace Menu Welcome to NEWSTAR

  4. Fill in your "Group" name and your "Project" name. Password is not necessary. Default AIPS version is 15APR99. Click [OK]. Then, the following Button Panel will appear.

    Button Panel

    Now you can start your data reduction with NewStar, good luck!
    Go to basic manual (Introductory data reduction)

2. Finishing NewStar

You must not close Button Panel of NewStar without following this procedure!

  1. Click [EXIT NEWSTAR] (a red button) at the bottom-right corner of Button Panel as shown above. The following confirmation_popup appears.


  2. After confirming, click [OK]. All windows of NewStar disappear.

3. Some tips
  1. Explanation of names of sub-windows in parameter windows of TASKs


  2. Usages of often used functions in parameter windows
    1. [File List]
    2. <Spectrum window>
    3. [Parameters]
      Parameters Click [Parameters] on the menu bar. The following pull-down menu will appear.
      You can save present parameters.
      You can get parameters that you saved or operated in the past. The recent three sets of parameters can be got.
      If you select [Initial], the default parameters are displayed.

  3. How to see HELPs for TASKs
    Click [HELP] in Button Panel below.

    HELP Button

    Then, the following window appears.

    HELP window

    Click a button to see help for each TASK.

  4. How to use AIPS TASKs
    Click [Root window] in Button Panel below.

    Root Button

    Then, the following Root window appears.

    Root window

    Type AIPS commands in a small window in the lower part of the Root window (here 'mcat' for example).

  5. List of some special terms in NewStar
    1. LLL: Log List Loader
      Text outputs are listed in this window.
    2. SSS: Sun Screen Server: Equivalent to AIPS TV
    3. TTT: Textronix Translation Tool
      Spectra are mainly displayed in this window with black background color.

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