1. offline transports raw data to your disk.
2. FILE SERVICE manages files (rename, delete, back up, etc.).
3. TASK SERVICE manages tasks (see status and kill).
Raw data
1. FLAG removes bad data from raw data.
2. LINTG makes spectral data from raw data.
3. GCONV converts raw data to spectra with intensity scaling.
1. Show Spectra displays a spectrum and reads the line parameters of signal(s).
2. BASELINE fits a baseline (polynomial or sin & cos function) to a spectrum.
3. SMOOTHING smoothes a spectrum.
4. Gaussian fit fits Gaussian(s) to a spectrum.
5. PROFILE MAP (see a similar and extended task GPMAP)
6. GPMAP shows multiple spectra arranged in a map grid.
7. Auto SP sum averages spectra at the same position.
8. Header shows and modifies header of spectral data.
9. Copy sp-file copies or moves spectra in a file to another file.
10. Fold Sp(New) folds a spectrum obtained with the frequency switching mode.
11. Pos. Correct corrects positions observed with BEARS.
12. AT for BEARSaverages spectral data weighted according to their spatial displacements.
13. GSCAL corrects intensity scaling factor for each spectra.
14. GBASE flags and averages spectra, and fits a baseline.
15. GSORT sorts spectra with positions.
1. MAP (large) makes a map file from spectral data.
2. P-V DIAGRAM makes a P-V diagram from spectral data.
3. MAKE CONTOUR*draws a contour map.
4. Map to SSS*displays a map file on the TV device (SSS window).
5. Grey plot* creates a plot file of grey scale image (overlaid with a contour image).
6. Plot to LW*sends a plot file to a PostScript printer.
7. Plot to TTT*displays a plot file on the Tektronix 4012 (TTT window).
8. Plot to SSS*displays a plot file on the TV device (SSS window).
9. Imean*calculates some statistical parameters on the map.
10. MCUBE*creates cube of image data.
1. FROM CMT loads data files from DAT or disk.
2. Sp FITS converts NewStar spectral data to a FITS file, and vice versa. in Japanese (NEW)
3. Image FITS*converts a map image data to FITS format.
4. Sp TEXT makes a text-format (ASCII) spectral file on disk.
5. SP# displays information on header of spectra in a spectrum file.

* Note for TASKs using AIPS TASKs:
For NewStar TASKs using AIPS TASKs, please also see the AIPS help. For such TASKs, the web pages of the AIPS help at NRAO in the newest version (31DEC04) are linked. Some functions may be added in the newest version, but the help itself will be useful for TASKs in the old version (e.g., 15APR99).
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