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Last Update: 1st August 2018

For Users of the Nobeyama 45-m Telescope Open Use Program


In order to maximise results from the open use observation, the observatory assign a staff as an observation assistant. Rules for the assistant are as follows:

Rules for Bad Weather

Rules for Backup Programs

The Nobeyama 45-m Telescope started a program called the ''Backup Program''. This program allows the observers to pass his/her observation time to an alternative low-frequency observation which is adopted as a backup observation when the observer finds it impossible to conduct his/her originally scheduled high-frequency observation due to bad weather. This program provides an advantage to the observers who decide not to carry out their high-frequency observations under adverse weather conditions because they can obtain additional observation time equivalent to the time allocated for the backup observation (Note that additional time is not allocated again in the case that his/her additional time is given to "Backup Program".).

The Backup Program shall be performed by following the instructions below.