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Last Update: 14 Oct 2022

After Acceptance of Your Proposal until Observations

This page will show a flow of the preparation for your observations after the acceptance of your proposal.
  1. Payment

    PI will receive the invoice from the National Astronomical Observatory. If you make a bank transfer, follow the instruction attached to the invoice. If you pay with a credit card, the URL for your payment will be given in the invoice or informed directly to PI. The credit card payment page is written in Japanese, and so please use it with English translation. If we do not confirm your payment on the payment deadline, we automatically cancel your allocation.

  2. Get an Observation ID (with Initial Password)

    The account information will be sent to the PI by e-mail from the observatory at least two weeks before observations. Due to security reasons, access to some servers in the observatory which are needed for observations is limited from outside of the observatory. In order to access these servers, you have to use a VPN connection. The VPN account and initial password are the same as the Observation ID.

    Before you connect to the network of NAOJ, you MUST scan your computer with anti-virus software. Then, you can access the VPN following the procedure that we inform you. For preparing your observations, getting information from the observatory, or reducing your data, you need to choose the user name "NRO_User". For conducting remote observations, you should select the user name "NRO_RemoteObs". Since important information that requires high security (e.g., server information) is provided at NRO Computer and Network Systems web page, please visit the site after connection to the VPN.

    The expiration date of the VPN account is set by the end of June after the observing season. If you feel to extend the expiration date, please follow the procedure informed by the observatory. In case of the need of VPN account after the expiration date, please apply the NRO VPN account application.

  3. Before Observation

    The observatory will also send you an observation schedule.

    Observers are expected to carry out their observations one of the following ways:

    Observers need to send a plan to the NRO well in advance to their observations. Specific procedure is different for the way of observation. For detail, see the following table:

    Observing from Procedure

    • Send a visiting form via web-form at least 2 working-days before your arrival.
    • NOTE: We do NOT offer any accommodation nor transportation, so observers need to book a hotel and rent-a-car by themselves.

    • Send an observation room reservation form via web-form at least 2 weeks before your visit.
    • If you are not an NAOJ staff: In addition to the observation room reservation, you must get an entry permission to the NAOJ campus in advance. The application process is different depending on your observation time/day.
      • In the case of your observation is performed within weekdays daytime (your observation starts after 7:30 AM and ends before 21:00 PM of the same day): No pre-registration is required. You can obtain an entry card at the gate of the NAOJ Mitaka campus. Please ask the guard the application process.
      • Other cases: Pre-registration is required. Please inform us in the application form of the observation room.
    • NOTE: We do NOT offer the COSMOS Lodge, so observers need to book a hotel by themselves.

    Your institution
    • Contact the Helpdesk to inform us your demand on remote observation.
    • If it is the first time to use the remote observation system from your institution, please contact us as soon as possible.

    On-site Observation from NAOJ Nobeyama Campus

    Please do not come to NAOJ Nobeyama campus if you have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

    Remote Observation from NAOJ Mitaka Campus

    Please do not come to NAOJ Mitaka campus if you have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

    Remote Observation from Your Institute

    NRO offers a remote observation with a shared-risk mode. When your proposal is approved, please contact the Helpdesk. NRO may not meet all the demands of remote observations from home institute given limited test time. Procedures for observers are follows:

    Limitations of the remote observation are as follows:

    *: The remote operation sites established in Japan are listed here.

    A Manual for Remote Observation from Your Home Institute
    Remote Observations Manual for Users (From Institute) (can only be accessed via NRO VPN or inside NAOJ campus)

  4. Make Observing Scripts

    The observatory strongly recommends you to make observing scripts before your observation. The procedure is explained on the nobs page. If you face any difficulty in making observing scripts, please contact us via Helpdesk.