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Last Update: 1st March, 2016

After an Acceptance of Your Proposal until Observations

This page will show a flow of the preparation for your observations after the acceptance of your proposal.
  1. Get an Observation ID (with Initial Password) and a VPN Account
  2. Account information will be sent to the P.I. by airmail from the observatory at least two weeks prior to observations. Access to some servers in the observatory which are needed for observations is limited from outside of the observatory due to security. In order to access these servers, you have to use a VPN connection using a VPN account which is informed with the account information. The expiration date of the VPN account is set by the end of June after the observing season. If you feel to extend the expiration date, please follow the procedure informed by the observatory. In case of the need of connection to the server after the expiration date, please apply NRO VPN account application.

  3. Submit An Observation Plan Sheet
  4. The observatory will also send you an observation schedule. You have to plan your itinerary and then send an observation plan sheet to reserve our accomodation. NRO Guide for Visitors page shows information about the stay in the observatory by NRO office. If you will arrive during the daytime (8:30 a.m.--5:15 p.m.) on weekday, you can use transportation service from Nobeyama station to the observatory. Please describe the need of the transportation service and arrival time to Nobeyama station in the comment form.

  5. Make Observing Scripts
  6. The observatory strongly recommend you to make observing scripts before visiting the observatory. The procedure is explained in nobs page. If you face any difficulty in making observing scripts, please contact us via Helpdesk.

  7. Visit the Observatory
  8. Access page illustrates the way to Nobeyama Radio Observatory. After arriving at the observatory, please visit the office at the main building first. For security, the entrance of the main building is locked during 8 p.m. -- 7 a.m. in weekday and all the day in weekend and national holidays and the year-end (the 45m building is locked all the day) (national holidays in Japan are summarized in this web page). If you can not avoid arriving within these time, please inform your arrival time to the office or Helpdesk before your trip.

    You have to back up your raw data obtained with the 45-m telescope and their outgrowth by yourself. Please bring a storage media (e.g., portable HDD). The data size will be ~4GB /hr when using SAM45 16 arrays.