Last Update: 31st October 2022

Basic Troubleshooting

This page illustrates how to solve the troubles that frequently occur while the operation of the Nobeyama 45-m telescope.

SAM45 error

One of the most frequent errors on the Nobeyama 45-m telescope is "SAM45 error". This kind of errors is related to the degital spectrometre SAM45. When your observation suddenly stops with red messages such as "SAM45: XXXXX error" ("XXXXX" is changed the corresponding module that shows an error) on the COSMOS monitor, please follow the procedure below:

  1. "Start Observation" again
    If the error is not serious, observations proceed without errors again.
    If restarting the observation has no effect (the observatioin stops with the same message), please try following proceedures.

  2. Reboot the spectrometer and analog-to-digital converter
    2-1: Open the tools for revovery window by clicking COSMOS GUI.

    click Tools for Recovery in COSMOS UI window

    2-2: Execute "clearSAM" by clicking clearSAM bottun in the window.
    "clearSAM" command takes about 14 minutes(in most case).
    (Sometimes it takes about 8 minutes(the shortest case) or about 30 minutes(the longest case).)
    If the reboot is properly done, all countdown message will be over and the terminal waits for a user input.

    click clearSAM button in ToolsForRecovery window

    2-3: Open one more window of the tools for recovery.

    2-4: Execute "panda reboot" by clicking panda reboot bottun in the window.
    "panda reboot" command takes less time than the clearSAM command.

    click panda reboot button in ToolsForRecovery window

    2-5: After completing both command, restart your observations. If SAM45 error occurs again, please try following steps.

  3. restartWSs (reboot all relavant workstations)
    In case that all steps shown above end in vain, try the final hope, to all relavant workstations for the spectrometre.
    Open a window of tools for recovery, then click "restartWSs".

    click restartWSs button in ToolsForRecovery window

    It takes about 10 minutes.
    After the process is finished, run clearSAM again. Then, restart your observations.

  4. Give up the Obsevation
    If everything you tried does not change the situation, all you can do is to give up the observation on that day.
    During daytime, the computing team will recover the system.
    Therefore, please report the details on #trouble_report channel at Rocket.Chat.

Sometimes, clearSAM does not finish (repeat the process again and again). Please close the "tools for recovery" window to end the process and report the details on #trouble_report channel at Rocket.Chat. Then try "restartWSs". If the error is not resolved after the command, unfortunately, you cannot continue your observation in that case. The observatory will try hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

ERROR - LO2 unlock in IF

You may ignore the error massage "ERROR - LO2 unlock in IF** (**= 1~16)” displayed on the newif-pc terminal.

IF error: the IF tuning program stops

During the observation, the IF tuning program may suddenly stop without any error (sometimes, an error message appear on the COSMOS Monitor in the NRO_RemoteObs_1 viewer) This can be checked and fixed at the NRO_RemoteObs_4. Search the window with a title of "x0vncserver - TigerVNC".

IF monitor

If you cannot find it, double-click the icon "IF" on the desktop window in the NRO_RemoteObs_4 viewer.

icon for the IF monitor

In case that the program stops, the terminal waits for the input. However, please make sure the program acctually stops with the following process:

  1. Open a new terminal
  2. Type the command
    ps aux | grep
    check whether the process for IF attenuator tuning is alive

If the result contains /usr/bin/sh /home/45mrx/bin/, the process is still alive (In this guide, the process is alive). In this case, other cause that is not resolved yet would be a reason for the error.

Otherwise (the process is terminated), type the following command at the original terminal: and close the new terminal that is used for checking the process.

IF attenuator value error or failure during the IF attenuator tuning process

You can do it at the web browser (Firefox) in the NRO_RemoteObs_3 viewer.

  1. Select "LAN-tap for IF down-converters" page from bookmarks.
    Although the page requires a user ID and a password, these two are already memorised in the web browser. Thus, just click the top box and choose the suggested candidate (only one candidate). LAN-tap_for_IF_down_convert top page
  2. Click the power control button
    LAN-tap_for_IF_down_convert main window
  3. Push the power off button for No.1 - 4
    To power off for all IF down-converters
  4. Wait a few seconds
  5. Restart the system by pressing the power on button for No.1 - 4
    To power on for all IF down-converters