Accepted Proposals(2005-2006)

General program

number subject PI
51002 Search for Maser/Thermal Emission in V838 Mon, a Peculiar nova, and related objects DEGUCHI, Syuji
51003 Molecular Outflow Survey of the Nearby Edge-On Galaxies MATSUSHITA, Satoki
51004 Simultaneous Observations of the Multiple SiO Transitions NAKAJIMA, Jun-ichi
51005 Diameter of the 10th Planet ITOH, Yoichi
51009 Galactic 12CO/13CO ratio revisited: High resolution observations of 12C18O/13C18O ratio SAKAMOTO, Seiichi
51012 Star formation in nuclear dense gas regions of galaxies: CO(J=1-0) survey for a statistical study II KOMUGI, Shin-ya
51013 Circular Polarization on the Galctic Center Radio Arc by Faraday Repolarization Effect TSUBOI, Massato
51016 Exploring an Early Stage of Protostellar Evolution with Complex Organic Molecules SAKAI, Nami
51017 Nobeyama Galactic Plane 12CO/13CO Survey - Molecular Gas in the Dynamics of the Milky Way Disk SAWADA, Tsuyoshi
51018 Monitoring of Water Maser in AGNs YAMAUCHI, Aya
51021 Star-Forming Dense Gas in the Barred Spiral Galaxy M83 MURAOKA, Kazuyuki
51024 Evolution of dense cores in Taurus: Large scale N2H+ observations of high density molecular condensations in Taurus ONISHI, Toshikazu
51027 The l=1.3deg Complex Revisited : Detailed distribution of Shocked Molecular Gas TANAKA, Kunihiko
51030 Milti-line Observations of the Starless Globule FeSt 1-457: Velocity and Chemical structure KANDORI, Ryo
52001 Studying Circum-Binary of Spitzer/Glimpse Objects. DEGUCHI, Syuji
52002 Multi-line Observations of the Starless globule FeSt 1-457: Velocity and Chemical Structure KANDORI, Ryo
52014 The L=0.8deg Anomaly : a Gathering of Shocked Gas Expelled from the Star Forming Ring? NAGAI, Makoto
52017 Confirmation of extraditionary 13C/12C ratio in CCS MORITA, Syo
52019 Formation of Low-Mass Star Forming Cores in a Filamentary Cloud FURUYA, Rei
52021 Outflow-Cloud Interaction in Barnard 1 YSO Condensation HIRAMATSU, Masaaki
52023 Observations of Binary Protostellar Cores KURONO, Yasutaka
52025 CO Mapping of NGC 5195 and its bridge NAKAI, Naomasa
52027 Atomic Carbon in the Early Universe OOKA, Tomoharu

Short program

number subject PI
58001 Massive outflows associated with methanol sources Li Jingjing
58002 Searching for inflow motions in high mass 'starless' cores (II) MAO, Rui-Qing
58003 Origins of high energy erections in the galactic Center Arc TSUBOI, Masato
58004 Giant Molecular Cloud in the Exterme outer Galaxy SAITO, Masao
58005 Is the Larson-Penston Solution Valid for the Undergoing Collapse in GF 9-2 Core ? FURUYA, Rei
58006 Infall Motion in Starless Globules with Highly Unstable Density Structure KANDORI, Ryo
58011 TInvestigate of the Dispersing Core the Intermediate-mass Protostars in OMC-2/3 TAKAHASHI, Satoko
58012 Investigation of Physical Properties of the OMC-2/3 region KAWABE, Ryohei
58013 Toward Understanding Formation Process of CCS in Molecular Clouds MORITA, Sho
58014 Origin of High Excitation Lines of H2CCCC Observed toward L1527 SAKAI, Nami
58016 Detection of an Oxygen-chain molecule, HOOOH, in Interstellar Space SUMA, Kosuke

Education program

number subject PI
59501 CO/13CO/C18O Observations of Gas disk around the Herbig Ae star HD163296 HAYASHI, Hiroyuki