Accepted Proposals(2006-2007)

General program

number subject PI
61005 Nobeyama Galactic Plane 12CO/13CO Survey - The ISM Evolution across MW Spiral Arms SAWADA, Tsuyoshi
61014 Unveiling the nature of the FIR/submm emission from the Sombrero Galaxy Baes Maarten
61015 Nyquistly-Sampled CO Mapping of M51 KODA, Jin
61019 Observations of CCS toward Orion OMC-2/3 Region TATEMATSU, Ken-ichi
61024 Sensitive Molecular Line Observation toward a Low Mass Protostar L1527 YAMAMOTO, Satoshi
61028 Sensitive Molecular Line Observation toward a Low Mass Protostar L1527 ONISHI, Toshikazu
61030 Confiramation of the Galactic-shock in the Western Bar-end of M 83 MURAOKA, Kazuyuki
61038 23 GHz Continuum Survey for Active Galctic Nuclei YAMAUCHI, Aya
62001 A Large-Scale NH3 Observation of the W51 Giant Molecular Cloud SORAI, Kazuo
62002 Can We See Large-Scale Infall Expected in the Runaway Collapse Scenario ? FURUYA, Rei
62003 Starless core evolution in the Ophiuchus molecular cloud Friesen, Rachel
62004 Anatomy of the Sgr A Molecular Complex OKA, Tomoharu
62005 PDR Structure of the Molecular Gas in the Sgr A* Environment Stankovic, Marija
62007 Complete Mapping of CO in the Edge-On Galaxy NGC 891 Wong, Tony
62008 Search for a Molecular Counterpart of the Unidentified TeV Source, TeV J2032+4130 KAWACHI, Akiko
62011 A 13CO Mapping Observation of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 3627 WATANABE, Yoshimasa
62012 Dense gas and star formation triggered by preceding star formation in the bright star forming region NGC 604 of M33 TOSAKI, Tomoka
62013 Detection of 12CO(J=1-0) in DDO154 KOMUGI, Shin-ya
62018 CO Survey of Early-Type Spirals from the SAURON Sample Bureau, Martin
62019 Exploring Early Stage Condition of Massive Star Forming Regions with Deuterium Fractionation SHIBA, Shoichi
62020 Outflow & Shocked Region Survey for W5-East HII Region TANBA, Takahiro
62021 Searches for transition-metal monocarbonyl, MCO: Study of a catalytic process in the interstellar medium OKABAYASHI, Emi
62022 Systematic Survey of Complex Organic Molecules in Low-Mass Star Forming Region, L1448 SAKAI, Nami
62023 A search for the negative ion C8H--- in IRC+10216 KAWAGUCHI, Kentaro
62024 Detection of an Oxygen-chain molecule, HOOOH, in Interstellar Space II SUMA, Kosuke
62025 A wide-field 13CO(J=1-0) OTF imaging of the Sgr B2 molecular cloud complex ARAI, Takaaki

Short program

number subject PI
68001 Nuclear molecular gas: a new about the origin of the radio loud/radio quite AGN dichotomy Giroletti, Marcello
68002 Mapping of NGC 6181 in 12CO(1-0) EGUSA, Fumi
68004 Comparing Gas and Solid CO Distribution in Molecular Core L438 Craigon, Alison
68005 Observation of the High density Gas near the SgrB1 Region TANAKA, Kunihiko
68007 Monitoring of Water Maser in Mrk 1 YAMAUCHI, Aya
68008 Mapping observation of C6H- in TMC-1 MOMOSE, Takamasa
68009 Temperature determination in the cluster-forming Region OMC-2/FIR4 Probed by the Millimeter & Submillimeter CH3OH Lines SHIMAJIRI, Yoshito
68011 Exploring Initial Conditions of Massive Star Formation with the HDCS/H2CS Ratio SHIBA, Syo-ichi
68012 Detailed Study of the Elongated Molecular Clouds Perpendicular to the Galactic Plane: Possible Evidence for a Molecular Remnant of a Jet from a Compact Star YAMAMOTO, Hiroaki
68014 12CO(J=1-0) Observation of the Colliding Galaxies UGC12914/5 KANEKO, Hiroyuki
68016 12CO Mapping of the Colliding Pair of Galaxies IC 2163/NGC 2207: Ignition of Merger-induced Starburst TAMURA, Yo-ichi
68017 Observation of High Excitation Line of Molecular Anion C6H- in Low Mass Protostar L1527 SAKAI, Nami
68018 Physics and Chemistry after the Passage of a Supernova Blast Wave: Formation of "Wings" and "SEMBE" in Shocked Gas NAGAI, Makoto

Education program

number subject PI
69501 CO Observations of Gas Disk around the Herbig Ae stars HD31648 and HD36112 HAYASHI, Hiroyuki
69502 Molecular Cloud Survey around HII regions TANBA, Takahiro
69503 Millimeter Observation of Galactic Blackhole Candidates NABETANI, Kinuyo