Accepted Proposals(2007-2008)

General program

number subject PI
71002 What Drives Molecular Bipolar Outflows? TAKAMI, Michihiro
71005 Formation of a Low-Mass Star Forming Core: The Boundary Conditions FURUYA, Rei
71006 Large field mapping of a starburst galaxy M82 in CO NAKAI, Naomasa
71007 CO and 13CO Observations of Molecular clouds in the Extreme Outer Galaxy: Star formation triggered by Supernova SAITO, Masao
71012 A 13CO Mapping Observation of Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 2903 WATANABE, Yoshimasa
71013 Chemistry of the Infalling Nuclear Disk in the Galactic Center OKA, Tomoharu
71016 CO (1-0) observations toward HII regions S254-S258: a template for interpreting extragalactic observations TOSAKI, Tomoka
71017 C18O and 13CO mapping observations of the ONC region Validity of the turbulent fragmentation model as a core formation process - IKEDA, Norio
71018 CO Survey of Early-Type Spirals from the SAURON Sample Bureau, Martin
71021 Nobeyama CO(1-0) Survey of SINGS/Herschel Galaxies KODA, Jin
71023 NRO 45m J=CO(1-0) mapping of the gas-rich barred spiral galaxy NGC 986 KOHNO, Kotarou
71027 H13O+ Survey in the W4 sequential star-forming region TANBA, Takahiro
71028 Search for Warm Carbon-Chain Chemistry in Star-Forming Regions SAKAI, Nami
71029 A search for the negative ion C10H- in IRC+10216 FUJIMORI, Takaaki
72001 Mapping the Echoing Matter around the Peculiar Star V838 Mon Kaminski, Tomasz
72005 Survey of Sgr A - Radio Arc Complex Region in SiO and H13CO+ Lines TSUBOI, Masato
72007 Observational Study of Massive Open Clusters Newly Found in the Milky Way NAKAJIMA, Jun-ichi
72008 Extensive search for outflow triggered star forming region with CH3OH lines SHIMAJIRI, Yoshito
72010 Organic Molecules as a Sign of Protostellar Formation TAKAKUWA, Shigehisa
72011 Survey of chemically young CCS cores in the Aquila Rift HIROTA, Tomoya
72012 NH3 Higher Excitation Line Observations of Sgr A HANDA, Toshihiro
72013 Molecular Line Survey of Edge Cloud 2 Southern Core Ruffle, Paul
72018 An SiO Maser survey for approach to the period-luminosity relation of Galactic AGB stars ARAO, Yoshihiro
72019 What Drives Molecular Bipolar Outflows? (II) : Follow-Up Observations of SiO J=2-1 TAKAMI, Michihiro
72021 Tracing the Evolution of High-velocity Compact Clouds OKA, Tomoharu
72022 CO(1-0) mapping of nearby dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822 NAKANISHI, Hiroyuki
72024 A 13CO Mapping Observation of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 3627 WATANABE, Yoshimasa
72026 CO Mapping of a Galaxy M81 NAKAI, Naomasa
72027 Search H2O maser sources beyond the Perseus arm HACHISUGA, Kazuya

Short program

number subject PI
78001 Search for CF+ in CRL 618 Zhang, Yong
78002 Combined millimeter and Submillimeter Mapping Observations of the Protostellar Envelope around L1551 IRS5 TAKAKUWA, Shigehisa
78003 A Survey of H2O Maser in Silicate Carbon Stars Chen, Xi
78004 13CO(J =1-0) Observation of Virgo Spiral Centers KOMUGI, Shin-ya
78006 Monitoring of Water Maser in Mrk 1 YAMAUCHI, Aya
78007 Probing Intense Star Formation in a Young Galaxy at z ~ 2 IONO, Daisuke
78008 Origin of Gaseous CO2 in Low-Mass Star Forming Regions SAKAI, Nami
78010 Finding the Best Molecular Line to Trace Infall over a Collapsing Core FURUYA, Rei
78012 Multi-wavelength observations of the radio flare from V773 Tau UMEMOTO, Tomofumi
78014 What makes the difference of star formation activity in bar, arm, nucleus? MOMOSE, Rieko
78015 Sgr A -CND in SiO, H13CO+, and C18O Lines TSUBOI, Masato
78016 13CO/C18O Observations of Gas Disk around HD200775 AKIYAMA, Eiji
78018 CO Mapping of the bridge between M51 and NGC5195 MIYAMOTO, Yusuke
78021 An Observational Study of Structure and Chemical Evolution in Dense Molecular Core MC11 HOSAKA, Keita
78022 HCN and 13CO(1-0) Observations of M33 Giant Molecular Clouds ONODERA, Sachiko

Education program

number subject PI
79502 13CO/C18O Observations of Gas disk around HD 163296 AKIYAMA, Eiji
79506 12CO, 13CO, HCN Observation toward Centers of Barred Spiral Galaxies : Searching for Evolutional Evidences WATANABE, Yoshimasa
79507 Detection of beta-alanine, pyrimidine, uracil in Interstellar Space FUJIMORI, Takaaki