Accepted Proposals(2008-2009)

General program

number subject PI
81001 SiO Maser Search for the Dwarf Galaxy Candidate Crossing the Galactic Plane DEGUCHI, Shuji
81002 Kinematics and chemical condition of Barnard 1-b HIRANO, Naomi
81003 Spatial variations of the electron-to-proton mass ratio Levshakov, Sergei A.
81004 Detection of Linear Carbon Chain Alcohol HC4OH in TMC-1 and L1527 ARAKI, Mitsunori
81006 Extensive search for outflow triggered star forming region with CH3OH lines SHIMAJIRI, Yoshito
81008 Survey of Sgr B Complex Region in SiO and H13CO+ Lines TSUBOI, Masato
81010 Can We See Non-Spherical Infall in a Star Forming Core? FURUYA, Rei
81011 Nobeyama & CARMA CO(1-0) Survey of SINGS / Herschel Galaxies KODA, Jin
81012 Large field mapping of a starburst galaxy M82 in CO NAKAI, Naomasa
81014 The Chemical Properties and Evolution of the Cloud Cores in Orion A Molecular Cloud TATEMATSU, Ken-ichi
81016 Follow-up survey of chemically young CCS cores in the Aquila Rift IROTA, Tomoya
81017 Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds and Initial Conditions of Massive Star Formation DOBASHI, Kazuhito
81018 Exploring Chemical Variation in Class I Sources SAKAI, Nami
81019 CCS Mapping Observations toward Lupus 1 Cloud YAMAMOTO, Satoshi
81023 12CO (J=1-0) mapping of one of the nearest Luminous Infrared barred spiral Galaxy NGC 1365 MOMOSE, Rieko
81024 HCN Observation of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 3627 WATANABE, Yoshimasa
81028 Mapping CO(1-0) in the nucleus and ring of the Sombrero galaxy BAES Maarten
81030 Water vapor maser disks proved by monitoring velocities NAKAI, Naomasa
81031 TOO Observation of Cyg X-3 at mm-wave TSUBOI, Masato
81032 What is the "Pigtail" Molecular Cloud? OKA, Tomoharu
81034 Search for X-ray Dissociation Region in the Central Molecular Zone TANAKA, Kunihiko

Short program

number subject PI
88001 Monitoring of Water Maser in Mark 1 YAMAUTCHI, Aya
88006 An H13CO+(1-0) mapping observation of the OMC1 region using the OTF technique-Evaluation of the effect of spatial resolution on dense core statistics- IKADA, Norio
88007 Dense Gas and Star Formation in Bar of NGC 4303 OOISHI, Yukie
88008 12CO(J=1-0) Observation of the Colliding Galaxies UGC 12914/5 KANEKO, Hiroyuki
88010 Outward-moving SiO maser survey SAKAMOTO, Tsuyoshi
88011 Exploring an Early Stage of Hot Core Chemistry in NGC 2264MMS3 SARUEWATARI, Osamu
88015 Unveiling the Peculiar Radio Source "Tornado" OKA, Tomoharu
88017 Monitoring SiO maser emission in V838 Mon DEGUCHI, Shuji
88018 DNC/HNC Ratio in High-mass Star Forming Regions SAKAI, Takeshi
88021 CCS Mapping toward the Outer Envelopes of Low-Mass Star-Forming Regions SHIINO, Tatsuya
88024 High-resolution observations of cloud surface interacting with the nearest O star dzeta Oph TACHIHARA, Kengo
8826 Observations of the Martian and Jovian atmosphere MORIBE, Nayuta