Accepted Proposals(2009-2010)

General program

number subject PI
91001 Detection of Linear Carbon Chain Alcohol HC4OH in L1527 ARAKI, Mitsunori
91002 3D Structure of the Helix: Verification of the Bicone Model NAKAJIMA, Junichi
91004 A Spectral Line Survey in the 7 mm Window toward the Highly Evolved Carbon Star CIT6 Zhang, Yong
91009 Rare CO Isotope Observations of M51a (NGC5194) Vila Vilaro, Baltasar
91011 Large field mapping of a starburst galaxy M82 in CO NAKAI, Naomasa
91012 Water vapor maser disk of an AGN NGC 5495 proved by monitoring velocities NAKAI, Naomasa
91013 Nobeyama & CARMA CO(1-0) Survey of SINGS/Herschel Galaxies KODA, Jin
91014 Millimeter Observations of Protoplanetary Disks around Herbig Ae Stars AKITAMA, Eiji
91015 C18O(J=1-0) mapping observations of the S 140 region - An examination of a possible region-to-region variation in the CMF power-law index - IKEDA, Norio
91016 A Complete 12CO (J=1-0) Survey of the GOALS LIRG Sample KOMUGI, Sin-ya
91018 Discovery of a New Carbon-Chain Rich Starless Core in Lupus; The Second TMC-1? SIINO, Tatsuya
91019 Chemical Compositions of Class I Sources SAKAI, Nami
91020 Observation of a Candidate XDR Molecular Cloud G0.11-0.11 TANAKA, Kunihiko
91022 Detailed Study of Linearly Distributed Molecular Clouds; Possible Evidence for a Molecular Remnant of a Jet from Micro-quasar SS433 HARA, Tomoaki
91025 Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds and Initial Conditions of Massive Star Formation DOBASHI, Kazuhito
92002 Chemical Timescale of Low-Mass Star Formation SCHNEE, Scott
92003 Investigating the earliest stages of star formation in KR 140 Rivera-Ingraham, A.
92005 Kinematics and turbulence of Infrared Dark Clouds: Complementing Herschel far-infrared continuum observations with N2H+ gas kinematics BEUTHER, Henrik
92006 Exploring Chemical Evolution of Grain Mantles YAMAGUCHI, Takahiro
92007 Dense gas studies of B0DEGA galaxies ESPADA, Daniel
92008 Observations of high excitation CCS lines in -Warm Carbon-Chain Chemistry- sources HIROTA, Tomoya
92016 Imapact of a Supernova Blast Wave to a Giant Molecular Cloud OKA, Tomoharu
92018 TOO Observation of Cyg X-3 at mm-wave 2 TSUBOI, Masato
92019 Search for XDRs in the Galactic Center : HNC Abundance in the X-ray Reflection Nebulae TANAKA, Kunihiko

Short program

number subject PI
98002 Monitoring SiO maser emission in V838 Mon. II. DEGUCHI, Shuji
98004 13CO observations toward the interface between the OMC 2/3 molecular clouds and tenuous ambient gas MOMOSE, Munetake
98006 N2D+/N2H+ Ratio in High-Mass Star Forming Regions SAKAI, Takeshi
98007 Tracing Shock Chemistry with HCNO and HNCO YAMAGUCHI, Takahiro
98008 Observations of DCO+/H13CO+ ratios in carbon-chain rich cores HIROTA, Tomoya
98009 Search for bipolar outflows from a Class 0 protostar candidate L1204G HIROTA, Tomoya
98012 Verification of the Molecular Absorption Line Survey at the Lower Frequency Bands due to Observing Gravitational Lens Systems SORAI, Kazuo
98014 Emission and Absorption Studies of Molecular Clouds in the Milky Way KODA, Jin
98015 Observational Research for Triggered Star Formation in the South-East of Ori-KL SHIMAJIRI, Yoshito
98018 C18O observation of the nearby barred spiral galaxy IC 342 HIROTA, Masahiko
98019 Investigation of the Kinematics of the Circumstellar Material around VeLLO Candidates HIRAMATSU, Masaaki
98021 Evolution of bar pattern speed: Pre CO survey of target galaxies for ALMA survey HIROTA, Masahiko

Education program

number subject PI
99501 A Search for Molecular Gas in Barred Galaxies at z~0.1 MATSUI, Kana

Backup program

number subject PI
95001 H2O Maser Search for Low-Expansion Velocity OH sources DEGUCHI,Shuji
95002 NH3 and H2O maser survey of Extended Green Objects KODA, Jin
95003 A Survey of Molecular Absorption Lines toward Bright Radio Sources at the Lower Frequency Bands SORAI, Kazuo