Accepted Proposals(2011 - 2012)

General program

number subject PI
CG111002 Charting the Evolution of Merger Remnants Through Sensitive CO Observations Iono, Daisuke
CG111003 Confirmation of Identification of H2CCC as a Diffuse Interstellar Band Carrier ARAKI, Mitsunori
CG111005 A Continued HCO+ Survey for New Gas Disk Targets HAYASHI, Masahiko
CG111006 A Complete 12CO(J=1-0) Survey of the GOALS LIRG Sample with the SAM45 spectrometer YAMASHITA, Takuji
CG111007 Searching for Cold Molecular Gas in Radio MOHEGs CASASOLA, Viviana
CG111008 The missing molecular gas in the Local Group dwarf elliptical NGC 205 BAES Maarten
CG111009 The physical conditions of molecular gas in extreme starforming environments DAVIS, Timothy
CG111010 Dense Core Survey in the California Molecular Cloud IKEDA, Norio
CG111011 A search for the molecular gas toward the curcumstellar disks around the new isolated T Tauri stars discovered by AKARI TAKITA Satoshi
CG111016 Revealing the Internal Structure in the Cluster-Forming Dense Clump of Serpens South Nakamura, Fumitaka
CG111022 The Shock Chemistry of the EHV outflow from L1448 C(N) YAMAGUCHI, Takahiro
CG111028 Exploring Averaged Chemical Composition of GMCs in the Spiral Arm M51 WATANABE, Yoshimasa
CG111031 Cluster Fprmation in S247 and S252 SHIMOIKURA, Tomomi
CG111032 Nobeyama 45m - Multi-wavelength observations of a giant flare on V773 Tau at periastron passage TSUBOI, Yohko
CG111033 Spectral scans toward two extragalactic dense molecular clouds with the different evolutionary stage along the propagation of star formation in the supergiant HII region NGC 604 TOSAKI, Tomoka
CG111036 Follow up observation of Jupiter's atmosphere 18 years after the cometary impact IINO, Takahiro
CG111037 Millimeter continuous wave observation of a possible candidate for ultra high energy cosmic ray source CRATES J0939-1731 FUKUDA, Arisa
CG111038 Simultaneous 13CO(1-) and C18O (1-0) mapping observation toward the southern spiral galaxy M83 Hirota, Akihiko
CG111039 Deuterium Fractionation of WCCC Sources: A Key to Explore the History of Prestellar Cores Sakai, Nami
CG111040 Search for Birthplace of Massive Stellar Cluster in the Central Molecular Zone Nishikawa Ayano
CG112002 Understanding AGN feedback with gas chemistry in NGC1266 DAVIS, Timothy A.
CG112005 The gas-to-dust ratio in edge-on spiral galaxies ALLAERT Flor
CG112007 Mapping observations of chemically youngest less dense cores HIROTA, Tomoya
CG112008 Origin of Abundant CH3OH in Starless Cores SOMA, Tatsuya
CG112009 Dense Molecular Gas in the Nuclear Regions of Nearby Seyfert Galaxies: A Line Survey Salak, Dragan
CG112010 Dense/Shocked Nuclear Spirals in the Galactic Central Molecular Zone Hsieh, Pei-Ying
CG112013 New Simultaneous Observations of HCN and SiO Emissions Including Masers in Both Carbon- and Oxygen-rich Evolved Stars CHONG, Sze-Ning
CG112016 Mapping of the Dispersing Envelope around the Late-Stage Class I Protostar L43 KOYAMATSU, Shin
CG112018 Exploring the Gas-phase Production of CO2 in Dark Cloud Cores TOKUDOME, Tomoya
CG112021 Unveiling the Connection between the Rotation of Natal Dense Cores and the Disk Formation around Class 0 and I Protostars Yen, Hsi-Wei
CG112022 Monitoring Velocities of a Water Megamaser in an AGN NGC 5495 to Determine its Geometric Distance NAKAI, Naomasa
CG112023 Multi-line and Multi-transition analysis of dense molecular gas in the central kpc region of NGC 1097 KOHNO, Kotaro
CG112025 Molecular Gas Content of Galaxies in Abell 963, a Cluster with the Highest Fraction of Blue Galaxies at z=0.2 CHUNG, Aeree

Short program

number subject PI
SP118001 Systematic Methanol Observation of the Enigmatic IRAS Source 19312+1950 NAKASHIMA, Jun-ichi
SP118002 The relation between deuterated fraction and evolution in massive star forming cores FONTANI, Francesco
SP118003 Radial Variation of 12CO (J = 1-0) and 13CO (J = 1-0) Emissions in Galactic Disk of NGC 628 PAN, Hsi-An
SP118004 Follow-up Observations of the C4H lines in Dense Molecular Cloud Cores HIROTA, Tomoya
SP118005 A Mapping Observation of Dense Clumps Associated with the Youngest Cluster Forming Region, Serpens South HIGUCHI, Aya
SP118006 Confirming marginally-detected H2O masers towards Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies HAGIWARA, Yoshiaki
SP118007 Detection of Phosphorus Nitride in NGC 1333 IRAS 4 YAMAGUCHI, Takahiro
SP118008 An Origin of Widespread SiO Emission in the Massive Clump of NGC2264C FURUYA,Ryuta
SP118009 Observational Detection of Turbulent Ambipolar Diffusion in A Cluster-Forming Clump, L1641-N Onishi, Toshikazu
SP118010 Molecular Environment around High Mass Protostellar Object G353.273+0.641 Motogi Kazuhito
SP118014 Search for CO Emission and Star-forming Signatures in High-Velocity-Cloud KOBAYASHI, Naoto
SP118015 The turbulent fine structures in the inter-stellar medium TACHIHARA, Kengo

Backup program

number subject PI
BU115001 Time Variation of CH3OH Masers and its Relation to the Stages of Massive Star Formation FUJISAWA, Kenta