Accepted Proposals(2012 - 2013)

General program

number subject PI
CG121001 TOO: The Quick Follow-up Observation of the Sagittarius A* 2013 Event Tsuboi, Masato
CG121006 Molecular Line Surveys in the 20-25GHz Frequency Range for a Sample of Evolved Stars Chau, Wayne
CG121008 CCS and N2H+ mapping of molecular cloud cores in Orion Tatematsu, Ken'ichi
CG121010 Chemical Composition of the Bar in M83 WATANABE, Yoshimasa
CG121014 Variation of Dense Gas Fraction Along the Evolution of Galactic Bars PAN, Hsi-An
CG121015 13CO (1-0) Mapping of NGC 6946: Kennicutt-Schmidt Law Based on the Molecular Gas Mass Derived From 13CO PAN, Hsi-An
CG121018 Multi-line Mapping Observations toward Two Starless Bok Globules MOMOSE, Munetake
CG121019 Statistical Studies of Dense Cores forming IR clusters SHIMOIKURA, Tomomi
CG121022 Dense Gas Formation in an Overlapping Region of Interacting Galaxies in Early Stage KANEKO, Hiroyuki
CG121023 Dense Molecular Gas in the Nuclear Regions of Nearby Seyfert Galaxies: a Line Survey SALAK, Dragan
CG121026 Molecular jet survey toward the dominant blue-shifted masers Motogi Kazuhito
CG121027 Exploring Chemical Diversity of Class I Sources Sakai, Nami
CG121030 A 12CO(J=1-0) Complete Survey of Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies with New System SAM45 YAMASHITA, Takuji
CG121032 Molecular Gas Content of Galaxies in Abell 963, a Cluster with the Highest Fraction of Blue Galaxies at z=0.2 CHUNG, Aeree
CG121033 Millimeter Observations toward Protoplanetary Disks by Ionization Tracers. AKIYAMA, Eiji
CG121035 Distribution of Shocked Molecular Gas Associated with the Tornado Nebula SAKAI, Daisuke
CG121036 Observation of Dense Molecular Gas in Dwarf Irregular Galaxy IC 10 SEGAWA, Yoko
CG121038 HCN/HCO+ Mapping of the Nearby Spiral Galaxy M83: Census of Density Dependent Star Formation Law Hirota, Akihiko
CG121039 3mm band Line Surveys toward Sgr A* and the Circumnuclear Disk TAKEKAWA, Shunya
CG122001 TOO: The Quick Follow-up Observation of the Sagittarius A* 2013 Event Tsuboi, Masato
CG122002 CO Mapping of an Enigmatic Molecular Component Harboring a Mass-Losing Evolved Star NAKASHIMA, Jun-ichi
CG122005 Does Aminoacetonitrile, a Precursor to Glycine, Widely Exist ? OHISHI, Masatoshi
CG122006 A Search for Molecular Gas in Star Forming Void galaxies DAS, Mousumi
CG122007 Mapping molecular clouds in the new Outer Scutum-Centaurus Arm EDEN, David
CG122008 Birth of a Giant - An Unbiased 3mm Line Survey of a Massive Starless Core Jonathan C. Tan
CG122011 Molecular Gas in the Dark Lane of the X-ray Halo of M82 Salak, Dragan
CG122014 The Shock Chemistry in Supernova Remnant IC 443 YAMAGUCHI, Takahiro
CG122015 Gas-to-Dust Ratio of Massive Star-Forming Galaxies at z ~ 1.5 SEKO, Akifumi
CG122016 Origin of the [CI]-enhanced Cloud in the Galactic Center TANAKA, Kunihiko
CG122017 Variation of Deuterium Fractionation Ratios after Birth of Protostars SHIBATA, Daiki
CG122020 Study of basic behavior of sulfur monoxide in prestellar cores MAEZAWA, Hiroyuki

Short program

number subject PI
SP128002 A Search for PN in the Old Shocked Region in NGC 1333 YAMAGUCHI, Takahiro
SP128003 Observational Detection of Turbulent Ambipolar Diffusion in A Cluster-Forming Clump, L1641-N Tanaka, Tomohiro
SP128005 Abundance Anomaly of the 13C Isotopic Species of c-C3H2 Sakai, Nami
SP128006 Seeking the Fast Primary Outflow from a Massive Protostar Zhang, Yichen
SP128007 Further Investigation of Chemical Composition of the Spiral Arm of M51 WATANABE, Yoshimasa
SP128009 A follow-up line survey toward the molecular jet from the high mass protostar G353.273+0.641. Motogi Kazuhito
SP128010 Tracing Dence Core Formation in a Diffuse Cloud Region of HCL2 INOKUMA Hiroshi
SP128014 Multi-epoch Observations of Chemical Abundance at Millimeter Waveband toward the Newly-discovered Comet, C/2011 L4(PANSTARRS) IINO, Takahiro
SP128015 Improvement of zero-spacing data for the ALMA cycle-0 observation Hirota, Akihiko

Education program

number subject PI
CG129502 Survey Observations of Glycine's Precursors: CH3NH2 and CH2NH SUZUKI, Taiki

Backup program

number subject PI
BU125001 A gas temperature survey of massive star formating regions in the galactic plane using NH3 emission lines OMODAKA, Toshihiro