Accepted Proposals(2014 - 2015)

General program

number subject PI
CG141001 Revealing the Physical and Chemical Properies of the Densest Regions of A Nearest Cluster-Forming Region, ρ Oph NAKAMURA, Fumitaka
CG141002 Line Survey Toward an Extremly-young Cluster, Serpens South Wang, Jia-Wei
CG141006 Probing the growth of IC5146 by filamentary accretion Shimajiri Yoshito
CG141007 Is Lupus-AzTEC2 an Extremely-Dense Starless Core in the Lupus-I Cloud or an Extremely-Bright SMG at z = 3.8? TAMURA, Yoichi
CG141010 Prestellar and protostellar cores in the Bok globule CB244 HIRANO, Naomi
CG141016 Deuteration and chemical complexity induced by e cient ice evaporation in Barnard 5 Taquet, Vianney
CG141019 Characterizing the Chemical Composition of Molecular Clouds in IC10 NISHIMURA, Yuri
CG141020 Evolution of 13C Isotope Anomaly of c-C3H2 along Star Formation YOSHIDA, Kento
CG141022 What is the Ultra-high-velocity Wing in the Supernova Remnant W44 ? OKA Tomoharu
CG141024 Chemical Compositions in the nuclear region of NGC 3627 Watanabe, Yoshimasa
CG141025 Gas-to-Dust Ratio of Massive Star-Forming Galaxies at z~1.5 (III) SEKO, Akifumi
CG141026 13CO & C18O Observations of Molecular Clouds in the Extreme Outer Galaxy IZUMI, Natsuko
CG141027 The First Unbiased Chemical Survey of Low-Mass Protostars SAKAI, Nami
CG141030 Envelope dispersed by molecular outflow around very low mass protostars? Hara, Chihomi
CG141032 CO in bright debris disks within 100 pc: is the presence of late gas common? MATRA, Luca
CG141034 Molecular Gas Content in Outer Star-Forming Regions in Spiral Galaxy M 101 KISHIDA, Nozomi
CG142004 Can Cyanopolyynes in Hot Cores be "Chemical Clocks"? TANIGUCHI, Kotomi
CG142005 Nobeyama 45m Observations of Nearby LIRGs SAITO,Toshiki
CG142006 Dynamical Interaction between Dense Gas and Protostellar Outflow in Clustered Star Formation Nakamura, Fumitaka
CG142007 Probing the detailed connection between dense gas and star formation in the Orion B giant molecular cloud ANDRE Philippe
CG142008 Tracing dense gas in subsolar metallicity galaxies Braine, Jonathan
CG142010 Probing Spiral Galaxy Disks with Spectral Lines of Rare Molecules: A PILOT STUDY Wall, William F.
CG142011 Accurate measurement of deuteration in a sample of template protostars LOPEZ-SEPULCRE, Ana
CG142012 A survey of nitrogen isotopic fractionation in cold dark clouds from observations of N2H+ and isotopologues ADANDE, Gilles
CG142013 The CO(1-0) survey of early stage merging galaxy pairs MICHIYAMA, Tomonari
CG142014 Determining the accretion rates and infall times in filaments hosting high-mass, prestellar clumps SANHUEZA, Patricio
CG142017 Determine the physical properties in NGC 253 and ARP 220 AO, Yiping
CG142018 Pilot CO Follow-up of the MaNGA Survey MOMOSE, Rieko
CG142019 Probing the molecular chemistry dominated by cosmic-ray around the γ -ray supernova remnant YAMAGISHI, Mitsuyoshi

Short program

number subject PI
SP148001 Detection of an SiO Jet in the Massive Star Forming Core: S235AB-MIR BURNS, Ross Alexander
SP148006 Kinetic Temperature and NH3 Line Width of the Thermal Starless Orion Core TUKH122 TATEMATSU, Ken'ichi
SP148007 Characterising GMC-scale Chemisiry in W3 (2) NISHIMURA, Yuri
SP148009 Search for new disk tracers associated with nearby high-mass young stellar objects (HM-YSOs) HIROTA, Tomoya
SP148010 Estimating the magnetic field strength in a high-mass, prestellar clump by using a new method assuming ambipolar diffusion SANHUEZA, Patricio
SP148011 Dense Gas Formation in an Overlapping Region of Interacting Galaxies in Early Stage KANEKO Hiroyuki
SP148012 Detailed CO observations toward the WR nebula NGC 2359; Candidate for a site of the cloud-cloud collision SANO, Hidetoshi
SP148013 Survey of DCO+/H13CO+ toward Molecular Clumps SAKAI, Takeshi
SP148014 Revealing the properties of the compact dense cores in low-column density environment in Taurus TOKUDA, Kazuki

Backup program

number subject PI
BU145001 A gas temperature survey of massive star forming regions in the Milky Way Galaxy using NH3 emission lines III OMODAKA, Toshihiro