Accepted Proposals(2015 - 2016)

Regular program

number subject PI
CG151002 13C Isotopic Fractionation of HC3N in Star-Forming Regions Kotomi Taniguchi
CG151004 Molecular cloud and star formation in bar of NGC 1300 Kouji Ohta
CG151005 The environmental impacts on the molecular gas content of local starburst galaxies Yusei Koyama
CG151006 Chemical Evolution of Planck Cold Clumps Ken'ichi Tatematsu
CG151007 CH2NH Abundance along with Star Formation Taiki Suzuki
CG151009 Is Lupus-AzTEC2 an Extremely-Dense Starless Core or an Extremely-Bright SMG at z = 3.8? Yoichi Tamura
CG151011 Observation of N2D+ (1-0) in low-mass pre-stellar cores Luca Bizzocchi
CG151012 Nitrogen fractionation in Starless and Protostellar Cores: Observations of N2H+ isotopologues in L1262 Gilles Adande
CG151013 Survey of Molecular Lines toward High-Mass Starless Clumps Takeshi Sakai
CG151015 Complete CO Imagings of the Central Molecular Zone Tomoharu Oka
CG151017 Survey of the chemical nature of low-mass protostellar cores in OMC-2/3 Ana Lopez-Sepulcre
CG151023 Searching for coherent starless cores in the Orion A GMC Satoshi Ohashi
CG151024 Properties of molecular gas in main sequence star-forming galaxies at z=0.1-0.2 Akifumi Seko
CG152001 SiO maser survey towards the Sgr stellar stream Yuanwei Wu
CG152006 Detection of CH3CN in Diffuse Cloud by "Hot-Axis Effect" as New Tracer of Headstream of Organic Chemistry in Interstellar Space Mitsunori ARAKI
CG152007 13C Isotopic Fractionation of HC3N toward L1527 Kotomi Taniguchi
CG152008 Confirmation of the Physical Contact between M-0.13-0.08 and the Circumnuclear Disk Shunya Takekawa
CG152012 SiO maser survey for Miras discovered by KISOGP Noriyuki Matsunaga
CG152013 Molecular gas fraction of local main-sequence galaxies with additional starburst Kazumi Murata
CG152015 Methanol maser survey at 3 mm band Kaori Kobayashi
CG152016 Chemical Composition of a Molecular Cloud in NGC185 Yuri Nishimura

Short program

number subject PI
SP158002 Physical properties of molecular gas clumps in a star-forming galaxy at z~1.4 Yuya Aono
SP158003 Search for SiO masers in (U)LIRG galaxies harbouring OH megamasers Jan Wagner
SP158004 Searching for the Evidence of Shocks in W51B Shinji Fujita
SP158005 H13CO+ and N2H+ observation toward a compact dense core in low-column density environment in Taurus Kazuki Tokuda
SP158007 Detection of the glycine precursor HOCO in Sgr B2(M) Takahiro Oyama

Backup program

number subject PI
BU155001 NH3 observations of Planck Cold Clumps Ken'ichi Tatematsu
BU155003 Constraining the Maser Excitation Stage in Star Formation Toshihiro Omodaka
CG152010 H2O Maser Survey of Obscured AGNs Yusuke Miyamoto

VLBI program

number subject PI
VERA15B-111 Bullets and shock waves in circumstellar envelopes traced by shapes of water maser spots Hiroshi Imai
VERA16A-115 The Enigmatic Methanol Emission in IRAS 19312+1950 Nakashima