Accepted Proposals(2017 - 2018)

Regular program

number subject PI
CG171004 Do galaxy morphologies really affect the efficiency of star formation during the phase of galaxy transition? Yusei Koyama
CG171005 The molecular gas mass function of the HRS sample Paola Andreani
CG171006 Initial star-forming activities towards the high-mass, low luminosity/mass ratio clumps Siyi Feng
CG171009 Survey of a direct amino acid (chiral + non-chiral) precursor NH2OH around two low-mass stars Liton Majumdar
CG171014 Wide-Area Mapping Spectral Line Survey toward the Serpens Cloud Yoshimasa Watanabe
CG171015 Survey of Sulfur-bearing Species in Starless Cores Yoko Oya
CG171016 Total Understanding of Molecular Gas Contents of U/LIRGs in the Local Universe Kentaro Motohara
CG171018 Follow-up observation of the filamentary flows in G181.84+0.31 Lixia Yuan
CG171019 Molecular Emission from Diffuse Gas: Molecular-Cloud-Scale Observation of Heiles' Cloud 2 Yuri Nishimura
CG171026 Tracing Molecular Gas Kinematics in the High-Velocity Compact Cloud CO-0.31+0.11 Shunya Takekawa
CG171027 Star formation in the isolated compact molecular clouds in outer Galaxy Mitsuhiro Matsuo
CG171032 Studying Hydrocarbon in Massive Star Forming Regions - CCH 1-0 mapping with FOREST Xue-Jian Jiang
CG171035 Statistical study on HII regions in the Perseus/Outer Arms Atsushi Nishimura
CG172001 Establishment of a New Chemical Evolutional Indicator in the High-Mass Star-Forming Regions Kotomi Taniguchi
CG172002 Survey of the interstellar aromatic molecule benzonitrile (cyclic-C6H5CN) in dark clouds Liton Majumdar
CG172004 Phosphorus-bearing molecules in solar-type protostars Liton Majumdar
CG172006 The evolution of gas-rich galaxies in the group environment Robert Dzudzar
CG172007 Molecular gas contents of "compact starbursts" in local Main sequence galaxies Kazumi Murata
CG172009 The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey: The dust and gas return to the galactic ISM - Pilot observations of 12/13CO(1-0) Peter Scicluna
CG172010 Observing infall signatures in infrared dark clouds Jinjin Xie
CG172011 Molecular Emission from Diffuse Gas: Molecular-Cloud-Scale Observation of Heiles' Cloud 2 - II Yuri Nishimura
CG172013 Have IR-bright early-stage mergers been starbursting? Takuji Yamashita
CG172014 A search for CO(5-4) emission in the most distant radio-loud quasar hosting a super-Eddington accreting SMBH at z = 5.18 Yui Yamashita
CG172015 Shocks and outflows in a new sample of EGOs Chenlin Zhou
CG172018 A NRO CO(1-0) survey of the super-Eddington accreting SMBHs among Swift/BAT-selected AGNs Yui Yamashita
CG172019 Mapping spectral line survey toward G23.3-0.4: GMC associated with SNRs Yuki Yoshimura

Large program

number subject PI
LP177001 The onset of star formation in widely different environments Ken'ichi Tatematsu

Short program

number subject PI
SP178003 CO mapping of a barred galaxy NGC 613 Yusuke Miyamoto
SP178004 Measuring the deuterium enrichment in a highly evolved core in Taurus Kazuki Tokuda
SP178005 Revealing the environment of the peculiar CO2 ice cloud Mitsuyoshi Yamagishi
SP178006 Observation of barred galaxies for direct measurement of bar pattern speed Takahiro Tanaka
SP178007 Detailed CO observations towards the magnetically intertwined Double Helix Nebula in the Galactic Center Rei Enokiya
SP179001 Vertical structure of molecular gas from the galactic disk in NGC891 Shoichiro Kita
SP179002 Detection of the key molecule HOCO in the low-mass star-forming region L483 to study chemical diversity Takahiro Oyama
SP179004 Search for infall motions toward high-mass protostellar object candidates Yiping Ao
SP179005 Follow-up observation for FUGIN hot core candidates Kazuki Sato

Backup program

number subject PI
BU175001 NH3 mapping survey of dense molecular cores based on FUGIN CO survey II Toshihiro Handa

Guaranteed Time program

number subject PI
GT176001 12CO/13CO Ratio in Interacting Galaxies using Completion Data of the COMING Project Hiroyuki Kaneko
GT176002 Comletion of the Whole Disk Mapping of a Spiral Galaxy M81 in CO Yusuke Miyamoto