Accepted Proposals(2019 - 2020)

Regular program

number subject PI
CG191001 FLASHING (Finest Legacy Acquisitions of SiO- and H2O-maser Ignitions by the Nobeyama Generation Imai, Hiroshi
CG191002 Fraction of diffuse molecular gas in Maffei 2 Yajima, Yoshiyuki
CG191003 CO observation of the Cygnus Loop to reveal charge exchange process in supernova remnants Uchida, Hiroyuki
CG191005 Testing the new molecular gas tracers-[CI] lines in NGC4631 Jiao, Qian
CG191011 The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey Scicluna, Peter
CG191013 Establishing a reliable UV probe based on the deep multi-line survey for the Cygnus-X North Yamagishi, Mitsuyoshi
CG191014 Study of the jet-ISM interaction based on the 12CO, 13CO, and C18O line observation Sakemi, Haruka
CG191015 Probing the star-formation triggered by a High-velocity Cloud Impact Izumi, Natsuko
CG191016 Origin of the Compact Broad-velocity-width Feature in the Galactic Disk Yokozuka, Hiroki

Large program

number subject PI
LP187001 Complete Imaging of the Dense and Shocked Molecular Gas in the Galactic Central Molecular Zones Shunya Takekawa

Guaranteed Time program

number subject PI
GT196001 Study of Cluster Formation in Terms of Chemical Composition Taniguchi, Kotomi

19 Nov 2019