Accepted Proposals(2020 - 2021)

Regular program

number subject PI
CG201001 The kinematic study of 37 cores embedded in Planck Galactic Clumps in the Orion region Kim, Gwanjeong
CG201002 FLASHING (Finest Legacy Acquisitions of SiO- and H2O-maser Ignitions by the Nobeyama Generation) Imai, Hiroshi
CG201003 Core And Filament Formation/Evolution In Natal Environments with Nobeyama 45m telescope SHIMAJIRI, Yoshito
CG201006 Additional Observation of the COMING Project Sorai, Kazuo
CG201009 A multi-phase outflow in the Seyfert galaxy PG 1211+143 Mizumoto, Miaski
CG201011 Probing Internal Structure of a Magnetized Archetypal Filamentary Cloud Kandori, Ryo
CG201013 Detection of CO in the ultra-low metallicity galaxy DDO154 Komugi, Shinya
CG201016 The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey Scicluna, Peter
CG201019 Probing the Molecular Gas of the Most Highly Accreting Quasars in the Nearby Universe Michiyama, Tomonari
CG201020 The temperature-multiplicity relation in Perseus Murillo, Nadia
CG201021 Investigating Extreme Outer Galaxy Molecular Clouds in the First Galactic Quadrant Tokuda, Kazuki
CG201022 Testing the contribution of gas-phase formation of CH3CN Zeng, Shaoshan
CG201025 High-spatial dynamic-range 12CO, 13CO, and C18O observations in NGC 1333: Tracing the formation of dense filaments Yamada, Rin

28 Oct 2020