Accepted Proposals(2021 - 2022)

Regular program

number subject PI
CG211001 Core And Filament Formation/Evolution In Natal Environments with Nobeyama 45m telescope SHIMAJIRI, Yoshito
CG211002 The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey Scicluna, Peter
CG211003 Cold molecular gas in the Circumgalactic medium in the massive cluster MACS1931-26 Andreani, Paola
CG211005 Nature of G1.6-0.025H - an Infalling Cloud with Point-like Massive Objects? Kojima, Yuri
CG211006 NRO 45-m survey of magnetic and turbulent energy in clumps and dense cores in Perseus Yen, Hsi-Wei
CG211013 Deuterium Fractionation in W51 Region at a Scale of GMC Watanabe, Yoshimasa
CG211014 Revealing the Kinematic Properties of Fibers in the TMC-1 filament Nakamura, Fumitaka
CG211018 SiO and H2O masers from R Scuti: evolution of a peculior RV Tauri type star over 17 years Yamamura, Issei
CG211020 Millimeter radio recombination lines in Orion A Yoshimura, Yuki
CG211023 Detailed CO mapping of nearby evolved planetary nebulae Nishimura, Atsushi

Guaranteed Time program

number subject PI
GT216001 FLASHING (Finest Legacy Acquisitions of SiO- and H2O-maser Ignitions by the Nobeyama Generation) IMAI, Hiroshi

26 Oct 2021