NRO's Policy to Exclude Military Researches from the Open Use of the Observing Facilities

NRO holds the policy of conducting no military researches, which is also applied to the open use of the NRO observing facilities. When an observation proposal is suspected to have connection with military projects, especially when it is proposed by personnel employed in military forces or in research organizations affiliated with them, NRO requests the proposer to confirm that the relevant proposal satisfies the following two requirements:

  1. The proposed observations are not involved in the projects for the military affairs.
  2. The proposer is completely free to publish the whole observational results.

If these were not satisfied, the relevant proposal should not be acceptable as the NRO observation program.

April 20, 1993

Masato Ishiguro
Cosmic Radio Facilities
Nobeyama Radio Observatory

Junji Inatani
Radio Astronomy Division
National Astronomical Observatory

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