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Data Download

Observed data can be obtained via web. Data acquisition procedure is described in NRO Computer and Network Systems page. For a security reason, data server and its procedure description page can be accessed inside the observatory network. You should access them during the stay in the observatory, otherwise the VPN account is needed.

Data size for one observing script depends on the observing mode: For the position-switching mode, data size is upto a few 100 MB per hour, while data obtained with On-The-Fly mode reaches ~4GB/hr when you used SAM45 16 arrays.

Data obtained as part of the Nobeyama 45-m science program are subject to a proprietary period of 18 months starting when all the observations of each project are complete. After the proprietary period, data will be open at Nobeyama 45m Science Data Archive.

Last Update: 1st August 2018